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Astral Ascent is a 2D platformer rogue-lite set in a modern fantasy world. As one (or two in local co-op) of 4 Heroes with colorful personalities, you must escape from the Garden, an astral prison guarded by 12 powerful and vicious bosses—the Zodiacs!


Started late 2019, Astral Ascent is the new project of Hibernian Workshop, a small indie game studio founded by self-taught developers, that previously released Dark Devotion. As for their previous project the game will have a Kickstarter campaign with promising reveals.


  • SPELL-BUILDING GAME: We are building dozens of spells for you to find, combine, and even improve with modificators in order to create deadly combos to discover during each new run.
  • 12 ALMIGHTY BOSSES: The Zodiacs are 12 experienced guardians dispatched over 4 gorgeous worlds. They’ll bring to the battlefield distinct attacks, abilities, and patterns, as well as backstories to uncover... Get yourself warned!
  • 4 UNFORGETTABLE HEROES: The game provides 4 remarkable characters with totally different gameplays to discover. Each of one of them come with a powerful story to tell!
  • A BEAUTIFUL MODERN FANTASY WORLD: Dash across gigantic landscapes. Explore original and hand-crafted areas. Discover the world created by our artists, with a gorgeous art and frame-by-frame animation.
  • DONT GO ALONE: Is the weight of destiny too heavy to carry by yourself? Don’t worry and bring a friend to play in our 2-player co-op mode. Fight and crush your enemies together in local co-op or online using the Steam’s Remote Play Together feature.


Astral Ascent - Kickstarter Trailer  YouTube

Astral Ascent - Reveal Trailer  YouTube


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Astral Ascent - Kickstarter campaign
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About Hibernian Workshop

Hibernian Workshop is a french indie games studio that focuses on delivering high quality gameplay oriented games with beautiful pixel art.

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More information on Hibernian Workshop, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Astral Ascent Credits

Louis Denizet
Creative Director - Programmer

Alexandre Magnat
Lead Artist - Pixel Artist

Renan "Relixes" Rodrigues
Gameplay Programmer

Gaël Giudicelli
Concept Artist - Pixel Artist

Romain Rope
Sound Designer

Anthony Jauneaud
Narrative Designer

Dale North
Music Composer

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