Astral Ascent is a 2D platformer rogue-lite game where you must defeat 12 almighty bosses.
Solo or with a friend, play with 4 unique Heroes and create your own build thanks to dozens of original spells.


  • Ayla: The sole survivor of her guild of assassins, she uses her twin daggers to eliminate her enemies before they can react. Her speed and profenciency are unmatched.
  • Kiran: This orphan learned life the hard way. He uses his strength to deliver attacks powerful enough to create shockwaves. Brutal.
  • Calie: This talented sculptor wants her freedom back. She will use her magical gemstones to pierce enemy defenses and shred them to bits. She is unforgiving.
  • Octave: Trained by a powerful witch, this young fighter summons ethereal guns to attack his foes. When needed, he can conjure bigger weapons as well. Lethal in all cases.

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Astral Ascent is created with the financial help of Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.