Hibernian Workshop
Based in Angoulême, France

Founding date:
September 7, 2017


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Dark Devotion

Hibernian Workshop
4 Rue du Sauvage
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We are a french indie games developer that focuses on delivering high quality gameplay oriented games with beautiful pixel art.


Studio origin

Late 2015, Louis Denizet and Alexandre Magnat met on a really small french forum of game development based on Clickteam Fusion 2.5 software. Louis had a prototype named "Dark Devotion" but did not know anything about pixel art and, on his side, Alexandre was making nice pixel art but had troubles with programming. What happened next is no surprise, they teamed up with Arthur Dos Santos (former member) to create Hibernian Workshop that was created in september 2017 after a successful kickstarter campaign. They then teamed up with The Arcade Crew which allowed to make of this small initial game a solid entry among indie games.

Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion is a 2D roguelite game with emphasis on demanding fights, beautiful pixel art and dark ambiance. The game does not allow players to jump to force players to fight and the level design is not randomly generated allowing a better control on player experience. The game was originally meant to be a really small game and was inspired not by "Dark Souls" as everybody thinks, but by an indie game named "Shadowcrypt", it was also meant to be a roguelike but that idea was abandoned after a time. We were aiming for such a small game that we even wanted to ask 10k for our Kickstarter campaign. At the end, we teamed up with the publisher The Arcade Crew and scaled the project ambitions. We released the game in several languages with more features than planned and with PS4 and Nintendo release! As it was our first project, we learned so much during the process and we are prepared to deliver even better for what is next.



Dark Devotion - Gameplay Overview YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nomination for Bitsummit vermilion gate award." - Dark Devotion, 2018
  • "Nomination for Bitsummit visual excellence award." - Dark Devotion, 2018

Selected Articles

  • "Dark Devotion is an impressive indie that does an astonishingly great deal more to iterate on the Soulslike formula than its bigger budget counterparts."
    - Phillip Tinner, Screen Rant

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Louis Denizet
Design & Development

Alexandre Magnat
Lead Artist

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