Our goal is to create innovative gameplay oriented games with beautiful pixel art.

Hibernian Workshop is french independent game studio based in Angoulême, in the South West of France. The studio is formed of self-taughts game developers and artists that were able to turn their passion in their profession thanks to the support of their community.

The success of Dark Devotion, allowed the studio to grow and add great talents to the small independent outfit. The studio is set-up for the whole team to work from home, giving more freedom for everyone to adapt their working hours to their lifestyle, knowing that the project are organised to be crunch-free.

Louis Denizet
Lead Designer, Programmer


Louis discovered game development with RPG Maker then he could not stop from making new games. He sees games making as a means of expression and puts all his heart in the studio’s creations.

Alexandre Magnat
Lead Artist


Alexande learned pixel-art by himself with a real dedication. He would not stop to improve his own creations in order to achieve beautifully animated pixel-art that feels so satisfying to watch.